Halbert Brown DBA(c), MBA,


As a Certified Business Mentor, university professor, and strategic planning expert, Halbert has been helping a wide variety of small and medium-sized enterprises with start-up counseling, business resilience & planning, marketing & sales, strategic growth planning & management, and other entrepreneurship functions. Hal has more than 15-years of business management & ownership experience, 10-years business counseling, and seven years in adult education while working with a variety of retail sales business owners, manufacturing firms, human capital entities, general contractors, and IT professionals with a goal of business sustainability and resilience, excellence in performance and increased profitability. Halbert holds a M. S. Business Administration, B.S. Professional Aeronautics, from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, and a B.S. in Liberal Arts from Excelsior College. Currently, he is working on his Doctorate in Business Administration at Walden University.