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The San Antonio MBDA Export Center’s staff are Certified Global Business Professionals experienced in international trade, ready to guide MBEs through the export process, and equip them with critical international business ‘know-how.’

    Alberto Rodriguez-Baez

    Senior Export Project Manager 

    Alberto Rodriguez-Baez has spent his entire professional and academic careers in the field of international business. His work experience spans from large global corporations to small businesses, private and public organizations, non-profit and for-profit companies. He is passionate about helping American companies become successful exporters.

    Alberto attended the University of Nebraska, where he earned his MBA. Before graduating, he attended the Focus Leadership Institute. Alberto is a CGBP (Certified Global Business Professional), ECoP (Export Compliance Professional) and CBC (Certified Business Consultant).

    Areas of expertise

    • International marketing, sales, and business development
    • Selection, management and retention of international distributors
    • Negotiation of international distribution agreements
    • International market entry

        Julio Martinez

        International Business Development Specialist

        Julio hails from Puerto Rico, has worked for Fortune 500 multinational companies, and has extensive experience in international business, marketing and mechanical engineering.

        Julio has a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Puerto Rico-Rio Piedras, an associate’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from University of Puerto Rico, and an MBA from the University of Pittsburgh-Katz Graduate School of Business.

        Areas of expertise

        • International business development
        • International sales strategy
        • Negotiation of international distribution agreements
        • International market entry